Get Involved!

Just one can of non-perishable food often costs less than a bottle of water or soda. There are lots of ways you can participate.

Donate to a
Food Bank
or Soup Kitchen

  • Select a food bank from United Way
  • Make your donation
  • You’ll receive a charity tax write-off notice from the local food bank
  • Send us a copy of the receipt
  • Share your awesomeness on your social networks
  • Smile all week =)

30 Day Chump Change Challenge

Your spare change can feed someone. Here’s how:

  • Collect your loose change for a month
  • Donate that much via Paypal
  • Share your awesomeness on your social networks
  • Receive a charity tax write-off email
  • Feel terrific!


Every organization can participate: schools to businesses, religious groups to corporate foundations, scout troops and neighborhood organizations. Operation Just One Can will provide the coaching you need to get involved, organize and promote it.

Here’s how >