Here’s How

Organize a donation drive or ongoing program

Seek out media contacts or local celebrities

Create contests, offer prizes or privileges

Share your success through your own media network

Run your own Operation Just One Can drive.

It’s easy to organize and run. Follow these steps:

  • Pick a date
  • Decide whether you want to collect canned food, money or both
  • Choose where to give your donations
  • keeps a current list o fall soup kitchens and food banks
  • Let your group know the details
  • Run the drive—collect the donations
  • Coordinator will take the donations to the food bank or charity and get a donation receipt
  • Coordinator should make two copies of the receipt: 1) goes to the company for tax purposes; 2) goes to: Operation Just One Can,
    PO Box 511 Provo, Utah 84603
  • We will announce your drive through our media network
  • Share your success through your own media channels